Firebird was launched in Great Britain in 2010. Below, are some of the rugged tools our Founders used to make our first targets. Today, all products are manufactured in Whiskey Flats, Texas USA.

They invented a safer, non-destructive, detonating target that’s more than just a fun, instant-hit recognition tool. Now, our targets play an important role in serious training for Law Enforcement, SWAT, Sniper, Police and Special Forces throughout the world.

Firebird Target product line is distributed throughout Canada by Big Rock Sports, throughout the United Kingdom by John Rothery Wholesalers Ltd, in Russia by Merkava , and our newest Distribution Partner in Germany, Reimer Johannsen GmbH


For the shooter who wants to add some excitement to their target practice, Firebird is the ideal shooting accessory.  For those undertaking more serious training, many of those without the help of a spotter, it is motivational, reliable,  and provides the shooter instant feedback.

One of our SWAT Team Officers told us, “You’ll know when you hit it, and they will know when you don’t.”

Once people shoot our Targets, they make Firebird a regular part of their training regimen. Our Customers keep telling us their accuracy improves, they shoot tighter groupings, knock down more birds, more bullseye’s, and score significantly better in their competitive matches.

Grab a pack now and tell us what you think!

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