The Firebird 65 is the only detonating target available for clay target (Trap and Skeet) shooting. It remains the “shooters choice” with center and rimfire shooters, as well as Bowhunters.

It features:

  • 65mm dia. x 5mm aluminum shell
  • Less than 10 grams total weight
  • Balanced design for concentricity (important for a smooth clay target launch and flight)
  • Space grade self-adhesive sticker for attachment under clay target or to a hard, target-face
  • Water resistant (not water-proof), laminated  and highly visible lid
  • <120dB (at 10 meters away) heart-throbbing percussion, a bright microsecond flash, and white smoke indication.

You will know when you hit it!

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    Your safety is one of Firebird's major priorities. Having fun is the other.

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