Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Firebird reactive targets in the US?

Firebird Targets are available online here.
Click here for a list of physical locations where you can find Firebird Targets.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Your order should ship within 3 business days from receipt of order. Ground shipping in the state of Texas is 2-3 days.

Where do I find my tracking number?

You'll receive a shipping confirmation email to the email address you entered when you placed your order that will include a link to your tracking information.

If you chose to create a customer account, sign into your account with your email address and your password and your tracking info will be listed there with a link to the shipper's information including status and delivery day estimate.

Note, delivery dates are estimates and can be affected by shipping delays due to factors and conditions such weather or mechanical failure.

Where can I find Firebird locally?

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Will you be selling Firebird at gun shows?

See our Stores and Distributor page to see where Firebird will be landing next. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive an email with the latest Firebird news.

Which weapons will Firebird work with?

Firebird has been proven to work with high-velocity pellet guns right through to .50 caliber weapon systems.

Are there any guns that Firebird will not work with?

Firebird is unlikely to function with BB guns, airsoft guns, and low-velocity (less than 700 fps) pellet guns. Remember that the minimum safe distance for use is 33 feet. 

Can I use sub-sonic ammunition or air guns with Firebird Targets?

Yes, if the minimum velocity is 1,000 fps or more.

How hard does the material need to be to detonate a Firebird Target?

Firebird works best on steel plates, steel silhouettes, steel gongs, steel paddles and other flat steel surfaces. Firebird Targets require attachment to a surface that will not bend or move when struck by the projectile. Paper, cardboard, rubber, and plastic target backers are not firm enough to ensure proper detonation. 

Smaller calibers require harder backing, such as steel or hardwood. The harder the material, the greater the report and flash will be: wood backing will give a smaller report and flash and a steel plate will give a much louder report and bigger flash.

What happens if I drop one?

Tests carried out have demonstrated that it is extremely unlikely for a Firebird to detonate if dropped. However, Firebird Targets are pyrotechnic devices and should be treated with care and caution.

Why do some targets have a larger detonation than others?

Firebird is an accuracy tool. The closer the bullet is to the center of the target, the faster and louder the reaction will be.

Why didn't the target detonate?

For the Firebird to function, the bullet must first penetrate through the front face of the target. The target must be adhered to a solid flat surface such as plywood, etc.

Reasons for Firebird not to function include:

  • Shooting the target through the rear surface first
  • Target has been improperly stored (damp)
  • Target has not been stuck against a smooth solid surface
  • Bullet has insufficient energy to create detonation
  • Target has not been hit by bullet!

Can I re-use a Firebird that has not been detonated?

Usually. Just make sure the adhesive sticker (on the back of each Firebird) is clean and does not have debris that could interfere with the adherence of the target.

Can I shoot Firebird in a Clay Pigeon from any angle?

Shoot Firebird-loaded clays exposing the underbelly or top of the clay target, wherever the Firebird Target is placed.

For the Firebird to function, the shot must first penetrate through the front face of the Firebird target.

I tried to buy your targets online and it would not let me because I live in California. Why can’t I buy Firebird Targets?

In many cases, your state laws prevent us from shipping our product to your area or are in a state that is against the Second Amendment.  These states include California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

I am a gun shop or gun show vendor. How do I become a dealer of Firebird Targets?

We welcome you to apply to become a retail partner. To start, send an email to Andrew with your contact information and location, and he will get in contact soon.