Firebird is a ready-to-use Pyrotechnic target and is legal to transport.

Firebird is not a Binary Target.

Firebird does not contain Ammonium Nitrate.

Firebird is the smart alternative to binary targets.

Heart-pounding percussion

Mind-blowing instant recognition


Firebird is the award-winning one-of-a-kind instant hit recognition system sweeping the entire world and finally coming to the USA June 2018.

With a response directly proportional to how close a hit is to dead-on-center, Firebird targets are more than just fun, they are the perfect tool to increase accuracy in marksmanship whether you use a rifle, shotgun, pistol or crossbow.

Originally developed in the UK as an instant hit recognition system for a UAV (unmanned air vehicle) platform, Firebird USA is the result of years of exhaustive engineering development and has passed rigorous international and domestic tests for safety and transportation.

Our customers use Firebird for:
  • Long range precision shooting with instant hit recognition (IHR)
  • Weekend target practice
  • SWAT training
  • Special forces and green army exercises
  • Law enforcement tactical training
  • Skeet shooting and competition
Firebird targets are portable, easy to use and are a favorite of tactical and civilian users alike.

Choose Your Target

Firebird 65mm Targets

With a larger surface area than it's smaller cousin, the Firebird 65mm target is sized for both basic training and long range target practice. Easy attachment to clay targets makes it a skeet club favorite.

The Firebird 65mm is currently used around the world for initial and advanced training in accuracy improvement.

Designed to be used with:

Rifles, Shotguns, PIstols, Archery

Available in packages of 10 or cases of 100

Free shipping on cases of 100 targets!

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